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Chiltern, Victoria

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The town of Chiltern is another gorgeous historical town in North-East Victoria, located along the Hume Highway between Wangaratta and Wodonga. A perfectly preserved gold-rush era town, built in the late 1850's when diggers tried their luck on the goldfields and fortunes were made and lost. Their legacy is a streetscape of wide verandahs and historic buildings that tell the stories of European settlers and gold miners. Modern-day Chiltern is a peaceful haven nestled in the hills of the Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park. Visitors will experience a shared affection for the past, with all the benefits of good old-fashioned hospitality and warmth.


The nearby Chiltern Racecourse and Recreation Reserve is our new festival location. It hasn’t seen a race since 1982, however the community have preserved the park and used it for various equine/rodeo events since and are ready to take it into a new era by welcoming the Off-Grid Living Festival to the grounds.

With over 100 acres of flat land and natural surrounds the park is the perfect space to get creative and transform into an amazing sustainable festival space. We look forward to activating many new ideas, welcoming more exhibitors, workshop hosts, and presenters as well as creating new festival spaces including a participants camping area so visitors can now stay onsite for up to 3 nights and enjoy a communal experience in the evenings, meeting like-minded people from all over Australia and making lifetime friends.

What's On in Chiltern

During the festival weekend?

The township of Chiltern are so excited to be hosting the Off-Grid Living Festival, they've not only organised a shuttle bus to help you get around town, many of the business owners are hosting special events to help you further enjoy your event weekend and have a really memorable experience in this gorgeous place. 

Explore Chiltern

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