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Applications are now open for the 2024 Off-Grid Living Festival for stalls and businesses that fit into any of the 10 festival focus areas: Energy & Technology, Home & Building, Water & Waste, E-Transport & Recreation, Bush Craft & Survival Skills, Tools & Handcrafts, Homesteading, Health & Wellbeing, Gardening & Farming and Sustainability & Community. 


Taking final applications now.



Exhibitor Applications

ROUND 1: Complete

ROUND 2: Complete

ROUND 3: Taking final applications now. 


Booking Payments Due



Program Listings

Finalising now. But last minute workshops may be accepted.


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Our Audience

People are flocking from all over Australia to the
Off-Grid Living Festival

With energy bills on the rise, an unstable economy, and the climate crisis now in the forefront of the media everyday people are seeking out a new and better way to live. Going off-grid, future-proofing, self-sufficiency and being sustainable used to be ‘alternative’ phases, but are now become part of the everyday vernacular. With the sixth Off-Grid Living Festival just around the corner people are getting excited about this great opportunity to find practical solutions, products and learn new skills to help achieve this dream lifestyle.

In April the festival site explodes into a hub of sustainable activity for one weekend as the event attracts thousands of people from all over the country. With some travelling from as far as Western Australia and Darwin it’s easy to see just how sort-after these topics are. The event covers everything off-grid from the latest energy and transport technologies for people who are interested in high-tech solutions, through to back-to-basics skills for those looking to live a low impact life of simplicity. 

One of the unique aspects of this festival is its ability to bring together the best from the past, present, and even a glimpse into the future. With no pre-defined expectation of what ‘off-grid living’ must be, the event makes people feel welcome to approach these topics from any point of view. At this event people don’t just talk about the problems, they offer practical and achievable solutions in many formats. 

This is an interactive weekend with 5 talks stages, workshops and live demonstrations happening everywhere, 250 friendly exhibitors that are open to chatting about their products, lifestyles and skills and plenty of great food and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. 

By combining education and entertainment this event appeals to people from all-walks of life and empowers them to take their energy needs into their own hands, transition to sustainable lifestyles, build self-sufficiency skills and get off the grid.

Thousands of people attending the off-grid living festival from all over Australia
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The Off-Grid Living Festival is a place for unique, vibrant and interactive traders, business, craftspeople and experts to: 

Sell Products & Promote Business

A rare opportunity to display and sell your products/produce and wares to hoards of people who are truly interested and intrigued by off-grid and sustainable ways of living. 

Demonstrate Skills & Inspire Others

A wonderful place to display your skills, talents & crafts, share knowledge, collaborate and inspire others.

Share Information

If you have expertise in an off-grid or sustainable living topic, or have experienced living off-grid we’d love to see you with a stall/space or at one of the talks tents where people can come and learn and have a chat with you.

Host Workshops

This is an interactive festival and a highlight of the day for many attendees is enjoying the many hands-on workshops on offer. Hosts can set their workshops fees as required, however we ask that you please keep workshop prices affordable to allow people from all-walks of life to be able to participate. Workshops can be held in an extended stall space or in our workshops hub by special request. All workshops will be promoted on the festival program. 

Present Talks

Opportunities to present talks on the Main Stage, Conversation Hub, Off-Grid Gurus Tent, Homesteading Space or Healthy Living Hub. 

Feed Hungry Punters

We’re specifically looking for food vendors that match the theme of the day. Offering campfire cooked, freshly baked, wood-fired, smoked, local produce, organic treats, nourishing brews, broths, ferments, preserves and more. Interesting food vans also welcome – see waste wise and health requirements on application form. 


We’re also looking for entertainers to bring some upbeat vibes to the festival, off-grid style (solar sound system by us). There will be 1 main stage, a busking stage and options to set-up freestyle &/or roam anywhere to spread the fun throughout the festival. Musicians, dancers, story tellers, circus folk, puppeteers, face-painters, medieval characters, street performers etc.

OGL fest 2023_10.1_edited.jpg

Exhibitor Feedback 1

"We love being an exhibitor at this wonderful festival. Best atmosphere and most engaged, excited,  friendliest crowds ever! We attend 10-12 events a year and this is by far the best organised and a real pleasure from start to finish each year. Well done Kate and the team."


Food Vendor Positions - NOW FULL - Applications Closed. 


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