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Food and drink vendors with their own solar/battery setups or no power requirements will be prioritised in this year's selections. As well as those using local or organic ingredients, and/or with nutritious, culturally diverse or unique menus. 

2025 Off-Grid Living Festival - Food & Drink Vendor Application

April 12 & 13th 2025, Chiltern Victoria.

Can you attend both days 12 & 13th April 2025?
No - generally only those that can attend both days will be accepted
Special Request for one day.
FITTING THE FESTIVAL - We're looking for vendors who fit the off-grid/sustainable festival theme and show that they are putting in an effort to reduce their business impacts.


Stall Price - including GST:
Food Vendor: $484
Drinks Only Vendor: $385
Camp Ground Dinner/Breakfast Vendor: $440 (only available to one vendor)
Total Stall Space Required
3 x 3m - BYO marquee - $0
3 x 6m - BYO marquee - $0
UPGRADE TO 3 x 9m - Add $55
UPGRADE TO 6 x 6m - Add $66
UPGRADE TO 10 x 6m - Add $88
UPGRADE TO 10x10m - Add $110
Other - describe below.
The space size I've selected will include:
Payment Option
Pay Now - 10% off above prices - 7 day term. Includes 'welcome to festival' social media promo.
Pay Soon - Send Invoice with 30 day term.
Pay Later - Send Invoice with 60 day term.



Vehicle safety is paramount to an efficient event site, do you agree to:

  • Follow the speed limit of 5kms/hr when driving onsite

  • Move my vehicle to the exhibitors parking area as soon as I'm setup.

  • NOT move my vehicle onto or within the festival site during festival hours.

  • Follow all festival staff & volunteer instruction when moving a vehicle onsite.



Our event is 100% waste free in the food and drink areas, we work with B-Alternative who manage all festival waste by supplying you with a full selection of reusable/washable dinnerware, cutlery, cups and mugs. They will consult with you before the event to make sure they have exactly what you need for a smooth operation. If you can't manage with this idea please do not continue with your application.

WASTE WISE AGREEMENT, I agree to the following:

  • Happy to be part of the reusables initiative and serve everything on items provided.

  • NO plastics, single-use packaging, cutlery or cups.

  • NO 'large company' soft drink sales. Local or small batch drinks will be accepted by request, in aluminium cans only and drink served in reusable cups are all good.

  • NO bottled water sales – there will be a free water refill station.

  • NO alcohol sales.

  • All food scraps to be disposed of in green bins.

  • Fairtrade coffee only

  • NOT overload our festival bins with boxes, use recycling bins or recycling skip at end of event -take all general rubbish with you.

INSURANCE AGREEMENT - All stalls must have $10m Public Liability cover. Do you have public liability market stall insurance?
Yes, email to once you receive your acceptance email from us.
No, but will send through before 1st April 2025.
FOOD TRADER: Are you registered with Food Trader to serve in Indigo Shire?
No - Organise here -


Exhibitor Accommodation:

MOTELS: If you aren't local & need to book a Motel, I recommend doing this asap because they get booked out by participants quickly - try the Motel or Caravan Park in Chiltern, or if booked out there are many options in Wodonga or Wangaratta.

ONSITE CAMPING: Exhibitors are welcome to camp at the festival site from Thurs - Monday morning. Note: Security on patrol Fri, Sat & Sunday nights only.

Book onsite camping (Anytime from Thurs - Mon morning)
Paddock Camp 1. Approx. 400m to Shower/Toilet Block - Free
Paddock Camp 2 - Right next to toilet/shower block - $55.00 (Limited to 50 spaces)
I'm local, none required
I'll be booking a motel

Become a Festival Sponsor

Are you interested in becoming a festival sponsor to group your exhibitor fees with an excellent marketing package?
Yes, please send sponsors info pack
No thank-you
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