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Bacon & Kabana Making


Homestead Hall




Sunday 10.45 - 11.45am


About the Course

Are you sick of the same old, bland store bought bacon and kabana and have a craving for something more? Do you want to learn the art and intricacy of curing that will turn that raw pork belly into delicious salty bacon or drool worthy sweet chili chicken kabana? My Slice of Life is the place to “cure” your cravings with our Makin Bacon & Kabana Workshop.

Led by qualified trade butcher and experienced teacher Brent Ibrom, this class will cover all things cured & smoked. Brent will walk participants through the process of making bacon and kabana from start to finish, including meat selection, seasoning and the all-important scientific method of curing your meats and then smoking the product.

Brent can also take you through the best equipment to purchase to get started at home.

Your Instructor

Brent Ibrom, My Slice of Life

Brent Ibrom, My Slice of Life

The My Slice of Life team from Wangaratta specialise in all things butchering, preserving and brewing. Learn from the best at these festival workshops.

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